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Understanding Verification

Every year, the Department of Education picks a portion of financial aid applicants to go through FAFSA verification. The state of California also selects CADAA applicants for verification.  For both, it is process to confirm that the information you submitted is accurate.  The Financial Aid Office may also select you for verification.  When you are selected, you will be requested to submit additional information or documents. 

  • Why was I selected? 

    Why was I selected? 
    Being selected for verification does not mean you did anything wrong!  You were probably chosen at random, like the vast majority of those selected.  Other reasons for selection are due to providing estimated information, your application was incomplete, or there were inconsistencies found in your application. 
    If you are selected, it is important to submit documents quickly.  Don’t wait!  Some documents can take time to obtain so acting early is best.  If you are not sure what to submit or what to do, don’t hesitate to contact our office.  We are here to help!  You will want to submit documents early so our office can have the time to review your documents. 

  • How do I know if I was selected? 

    How do I know if I was selected? 
    When you submit your application, the confirmation page may have a comment that you were selected for verification or that additional information is needed.  You can always go back to a previously submitted FAFSA or CADAA application to view if you are selected for verification.  Once the application is received and processed by the Financial Aid Office, our office will notify you that you have documents to information or documents to submit.  You can monitor your status in R’Web. 

  • What will I need to submit?

    What will I need to submit?
    Generally, you will need to verify information provided on your application.  This can include income information and household information.  If the application was incomplete, like a missing parent signature, you will need to assure that the parent signature is provided.  R’Web will direct you to your verification requirements

  • How can I make the verification process easier for me?

    How can I make the verification process easier for me?

    • Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool
    • Make sure to submit all requested documents and they are complete and legible.
    • If you are not sure how to satisfy a requirement, contact our office!
    • Monitor the R’Web to view updates.
    • Check your email and texts.  NOTE: The document intake tool will allow you to provide your phone number should you wish to receive text notifications along with email notifications.
    • Allow up to 4 weeks for processing. NOTE:  Calling and emailing frequently, requesting verification processing updates, only slows the process as a member of the verification team must stop reviewing to answer questions.
  • What happens after I submit my information or documents?

    What happens after I submit my information or documents?

    Once you submit documentation, the Financial Aid Office will:

    • Review the documents to be sure they are complete.  If the documents are incomplete (missing signature, questions left blank, etc.), you will be notified to resubmit the documents.
    • Once all the documents are complete, the Financial Aid Office will review the information and compare it with the information reported on the FAFSA or CADAA.  This can take up to 4 weeks, depending upon the volume of all student paperwork being submitted.
    • If the review of information raises additional questions for which clarification is needed, additional documents may be required. 
    • Once verification is complete, you will receive an email and text (if you provided your number in your profile).

    It is important that you do not change the information on your FAFSA or CADAA application once documents have been requested by the Financial Aid Office!  Changes to your application can delay the verification review process.  Changes should only be made if the Financial Aid Office makes this request.  If you believe you should make changes during the review period, please contact our office first. 

  • Follow up to changes to your financial aid package

    Follow up to changes to your financial aid package
    In many cases, going through the verification process will not affect how much aid you receive. However, there’s a chance your financial aid package could change. If that happens, contact the Financial Aid Office to talk about your options and what alternatives are available to you.