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  • Attend a Workshop! Each quarter, we host several workshops on key financial topics, such as learning how to budget, how to build credit, planning for a move off campus, among others. These workshops are open to all students on campus.  Follow us on Instagram @ucrfinwell to stay up-to-date on upcoming workshops.

  • Request a Workshop! Any student, student organization, staff/faculty, or campus department are welcome to request a Financial Wellness Workshop for their students.  We present an array of financial topics so we're sure we have on that's right for your group.  If however, you don't see what you need below, reach out and we can tailor a workshop for you.

To sign up for or to schedule a workshop, complete this workshop request form or e-mail There is no attendee minimum for these workshops, but please submit your request no later than two weeks prior to the desired date of your event.


Workshop Topics
  • Understanding Your Finances and Why Financial Wellness Matters

    Understanding Your Finances and Why Financial Wellness Matters

    Engage in a self-reflective discussion to examine our relationship to money, tools to cope with financial stress, and an introductory level on budgeting, credit, loans, and financial aid tips.

  • Highlanders on an Undergraduate Budget

    Highlanders on an Undergraduate Budget

    Budgeting is crucial to financial success, yet so many of us live without one. Living without a budget actually creates more stress than living with one! Through an interactive activity, this workshop provides step-by-step guidance to help students create a budget and save money at UCR.

  • Everything you need to know about Credit

    Everything you need to know about Credit

    This workshop introduces students to the importance of credit and provides the knowledge to build and maintain good credit. Students will explore what credit is, credit scores, credit reports, and debt and credit management. Students will be able to understand how credit is determined and how their spending habits impact their credit score.

  • Demystifying Credit Cards

    Demystifying Credit Cards

    Getting a credit card is a big financial responsibility. In this workshop, students will be introduced to the credit card basics, how to use a credit card wisely, and debunking credit card myths.

  • Know What You Owe in Student Loans

    Know What You Owe:  Student Loan Repayment & Post-Grad Goals

    For many students, and first generation college students in particular, the loan repayment process can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming.  This workshop provides a comprehensive and stress-relieving overview of the loan repayment process.  We examine loan exit requirements, knowing your loan amounts, the repayment process, and more.  Specifically, this workshop examines different repayment plans, consolidation and loan forgiveness programs provided by the federal government. In addition, the workshop will discuss post-graduation life events including entering the workforce with a salary/benefits discussion.  Now you can exhale!

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Investing and Retirement

    A Beginner’s Guide to Investing and Retirement

    Interested in building generational wealth but don’t know where to start? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be rich to start investing! This workshop will introduce students to the terminology of investing and the importance of starting early.

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