Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness
UCR Financial Wellness Program

The UCR Financial Wellness Program aims to inspire confidence and peace of mind when it comes to money management and education. Many college students experience financial stress and worry while in school and it's our goal to give you the support, knowledge, and resources to learn money management skills so you can decrease financial worry, and thrive at UCR.  We recognize the complexities of college students' lives - whether you're a first generation college student, paying for school on your own, or supporting your own family financially - we provide workshops, coaching, and online education that is relevant to your personal experience.

Services We Offer
  • Individualized Coaching Appointments
  • Workshops
  • Online Education
Our Team
  • 1 Full-time Professional Program Manager
  • 1 Undergraduate Financial Wellness Peer


Federal School Code: 001316


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