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Cost of Attending UC Riverside


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The Cost of Attendance, also known as a budget, is used to determine how much financial aid students receive. UC establishes these budgets using data from a variety of sources including surveys of UC students. Students are assigned one of the following budgets based on their choice on their aid application, or based on notification from the campus housing office of your signed contract. 

Standard budgets include basic expenses a student will have each year including the following:

  • UC tuition
  • Campus Fees
  • Housing and meals (includes room, groceries, and utilities)
  • Books and supplies (such as books, supplies, course fees, data services, software, etc.)
  • Personal expenses (such as toiletries, laundry, clothing, and entertainment)
  • Transportation (includes an allowance for traveling to and from home and a pro-rated allowance for vehicle insurance and registration)
  • UC Student Health Insurance (an allowance for health insurance)

2024-25 Estimated Costs

Your Actual Cost May be Less
UCR uses average student expenses to estimate the cost of attendance above. Your actual costs may vary from those outlined here depending on your living situation, school supplies, whether or not you have children, personal spending habits, etc.

University of California Tuition Stability Plan
Beginning fall 2022, tuition will be adjusted for each incoming undergraduate class but will subsequently remain flat until the student graduates, for up to six years. Learn more.

California Residents and AB540 Eligible Undergraduates

Out of State and International Undergraduates

Typical Housing Costs Near UC Campuses

The Total Cost of Attendance (TCOA) at the University of California includes tuition, fees, and expenses for housing, food, educational materials, and transportation. For undergraduates, the UC Office of the President develops the cost of attendance based in part on results of its University-wide Cost of Attendance Survey. The estimate for other cost-of-living categories at the University of California can be found here. For graduate students, each campus and program may establish the cost of attendance, although data are collected systemwide for their use here; visit the websites of each graduate program for additional information.

Linked below are typical housing rates near campuses derived from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).2 Table 1 displays the monthly rent for one-and two-bedroom apartments, and Table 2 lists the cost of one-person bedrooms in private houses near UC campuses.

Housing Near UC Campuses

Federal School Code: 001316