FA award Revisions

Revisions and Appeals


Understanding Revisions and Appeals

The following changes may activate a revision of your award.

  • Additional scholarships will be coordinated into your financial aid offer. Instructions attached to the scholarship may designate if the fund must be used to cover certain costs and the how the monies should be disbursed.  Our office will attempt to reduce loans to fit your scholarship into your budget, when possible
  • Changes in your housing plans will usually result in a change to your Cost of Attendance and your financial aid funding. You are encouraged to report any change in your housing through the Request Revision/Resources tab in R’Web.
  • Enrollment below full-time might result in a reduction/cancellation of some financial aid funds and billing for funds received. If a student drops a class or withdraws from all classes after their disbursement was received, the student may need to pay back some, or all, of the money that was disbursed. Learn more in our Guide to Changes in Student Enrollment and the Impact on Financial Aid Eligibility
  • Withdrawing from courses may have a significant impact on your financial aid eligibility.  Please review our Withdrawal Guide and reach out to your counselor for guidance before you withdraw from UCR!
What are the different types of Appeals?

The descriptions below outline the appeals you may submit to our office. If you are unable to decide which appeal you should file, or if you have a situation you wish to be considered that appears to fall outside of these appeals, we encourage you to contact our office.

  • Federal Work-Study Appeal 

    Federal Work-Study Appeal can be used to be considered for a new award, or for an increase in funds. 

  • Change of Income Appeal

    Change of Income Appeal can be used if you or your family experienced a significant reduction in income in the year after filing the FAFSA or Dream Act Application and this reduction has affected your ability to pay for college expenses.  You can contact our office or visit HOSS to speak to a counselor and explore if this appeal is right for you. Review our Guide to 2022-2023 PJ/EFC Change of Income Appeal Process.
    to learn more.


  • Cost of Attendance Appeal

    Cost of Attendance Appeal can be used if you believe the Cost of Attendance used in determining your financial aid was not sufficient to cover your actual expenses. Award increases for approved Cost of Attendance Appeals will usually be in the form of additional loan eligibility.

    The following expenses may be eligible to be considered for a Cost of Attendance Appeal:

    • Food
    • Transportation
    • Medical/Dental Expenses
    • Books/Supplies
    • Computer/Equipment needed for school
    • Personal Expenses

    The following expenses are not considered eligible for Cost of Attendance Appeal:

    • Security deposit for housing
    • Car payments, car insurance, and car registration fees
    • Graduate and professional conference fees or travel
    • Resume preparation and job interviews
    • Expenses incurred prior to the beginning of the current academic year


  • Dependency Override Appeal

    Dependency Override Appeal can be used to request a dependency status change from dependent to independent due to unusual circumstances. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information or if you have questions.

Appeal Processing Timeline

Processing times will depend on when the appeal was submitted and whether or not we need additional documentation in order to process the form. Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks for processing. During the summer, it’s possible that it could take longer due to a high number of appeals received by our office. Once processed, it will take our office 7-10 business days to generate a new Financial Aid Award Offer for you. A notification will be sent to your UCR email to notify you when a revised aid offer is available.