How to Get Your Money

How to Get Your Money

How to Get Your Money

You researched and filled out all the forms. Now comes the best part – getting your money! Here's what you have to do to get your financial aid: 

  • 1. Say yes (or no) to your awards.

    Once your financial aid offer appears in R'Web, you can see the types of aid you qualified for and the award amount for each quarter.

    Select “accept” or “decline” for each award listed, and “submit” when you are done.

  • 2. Register for enough units to receive your awards.

    You must register for classes before you can get your money.

    Always remember: 

    • You must register for 15 units per quarter to graduate on time.
    • You must register for at least 12 units per quarter (full-time) to get your full financial aid.
    • If you register for fewer than 12 units, your awards will be reduced (or canceled).
    • You must register for at least 6 units per quarter (half-time) to get any aid at all.
    • If you have a Federal Pell Grant, your award will be reduced if you enroll for fewer than 12 units. Your UCR aid will not be increased to make up the difference. Your units are counted at the end of the third week of each quarter. Your awards will not be increased if you are part-time at the end of the third week, but then add units to enroll full-time later.
    • If you have a Pell, Cal or UCR Grant or a Perkins, Direct Stafford or Direct PLUS loan, you must enroll at least half-time (6-11 units) to get your (reduced) award.
    • If you have an athletic scholarship, you must enroll in at least 12 units.
    • To stay eligible for Work-Study, you must enroll in at least 6 units. 
  • 3. Clear your holds.

    See the “Holds” section in R'Web to view your holds and who to contact to resolve them. 

    You may log into R'Web and click on the “Financial Aid” icon in your Authorized Applications window. Click on Award and then select the Award for Aid Year option to view and accept your financial aid award.

    See the Requirements and Eligibility section under the Financial Aid tab to view your holds and who to contact to resolve them.
    Learn more about clearing holds.

  • 4. Pay your outstanding bills.

    If you owe money to UCR, you will have a hold on your financial aid.

    Any unpaid charges must be paid from personal resources no later than September 15 (the fall fee payment deadline) to avoid being dropped from classes and charged a $50 late fee. You can’t use your financial aid from your current year to pay unpaid charges (exceeding $200) for a prior year.

    Fee Payment Deadlines

    Fall: September 15
    Winter: December 15
    Spring: March 15

    (Deadline is on the Friday before the 15th when the day falls on a weekend.)

    How to See What You Owe

    Select “Student Account Online” on R'Web to see what you owe, or contact Student Business Services at (951) 827-3204.

    How to Pay

    You can make payments at the UCR Cashier's Office, by mail or by credit card on R'Web (for a fee). You can also apply for an alternative loan through a private lender to pay off your balance. Please note it may take two weeks or longer to obtain a private loan. Submit your loan application immediately to ensure that these funds are available by the September 15 fee payment deadline.

  • 5. Complete pre-loan counseling and submit master promissory notes.

    This step only applies to loan borrowers.

    • If this is the first time you’ve ever had a loan at UCR, or if you have a Perkins loan, you must complete pre-loan counseling before you can get your money. Learn how to complete pre-loan counseling.
    • You must also complete exit counseling (when you leave UCR or drop below half-time status). Learn how to complete exit counseling.
    • Be sure to submit master promissory notes after you accept each loan.
  • 6. Check your email often. Adjust your filters so that emails from  always get through.

    For on-campus Work-Studyyou must submit a timesheet to your supervisor by your department’s payroll deadline. 

About Refunds

Refunds of credit balances on student accounts are normally issued on the first day of the quarter or within two to four business days after your financial aid award is credited to your student account. To recieve your funds quickly, sign up for direct deposit