Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness
UCR Financial Wellness Program

The UCR Financial Wellness Program aims to inspire confidence and peace of mind when it comes to money management and education.  Many college students experience financial stress and worry while in school and it's our goal to give you the support, knowledge, and resources to learn money management skills so you can decrease financial worry, and thrive at UCR.  We recognize the complexities of college students' lives - whether you're a first generation college student, paying for school on your own, or supporting your own family financially - we provide workshops, coaching, and online education that is relevant to your personal experience.

Individual Coaching Appointments
  • Are you worried about any aspect of your money life?
  • Curious about credit and want to know how it works?
  • Thinking about buying a car and don't know where to start?

Meet with the Financial Wellness Program Manager one-on-one to discuss any of your money concerns.  We meet with students to safely and non-judgmentally discuss your financial questions and concerns.  We want to help you explore your options regarding any financial questions or challenges you have.  The focus of each meeting is to provide a place for you to get your questions answered, and promote your overall health and wellness.

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Attend One of Our Workshops

Attend a Workshop!  Each quarter, we host several workshops on key financial topics, such as learning how to budget, how to build credit, planning for a move off campus, among others.  These workshops are open to all students on campus.  Follow us on Instagram @ucrfinwell to stay up-to-date on upcoming workshops. 

Request a Workshop!  Any student, student organization, staff/faculty, or campus department are welcome to request a Financial Wellness Workshop for their students.  We present an array of financial topics so we're sure we have on that's right for your group.  If however, you don't see what you need below, reach out and we can tailor a workshop for you.

To sign up for or to schedule a workshop, complete this workshop request form or e-mail There is no attendee minimum for these workshops, but please submit your request no later than two weeks prior to the desired date of your event.


Workshop Topics

  • Financial Aid 101: Navigating the Details

    Financial Aid 101: Navigating the Details

    This presentation is designed to help incoming students understand their financial aid award letter, accept their aid and complete all requirements for the funding to disburse. This workshop will include a breakdown of the R’Web Financial Aid section, including a review of the cost of attending and revisions students can request throughout the academic year. In addition, the workshop will answer some FAQs and provide resources. This workshop includes a brief overview of Finish in Four and SAP standards.

  • Financial Aid 101: Transfer Edition

    Financial Aid 101: Transfer Edition

    This presentation covers the same information as Financial Aid 101— with a focus on transfer student needs.  The presentation will cover the type of aid available to a student, explaining the differences in aid from a student's previous institution.  It will also cover the steps to take in order to finalize aid and start the academic year on a positive note, with other financial aid and financial wellness resources.

  • Financial Fitness Class

    Financial Fitness Class

    Get a little bit of everything in this 50 minute no-gym workout!

    During the warm up, you’ll learn the importance of financial wellness.  The first exercise will teach you about your money personality and things you need to be aware of when starting your financial life.  The class then transitions into a brief, but focused, version of one financial topic, which can include:

    • How to Budget
    • Understanding Credit
    • Understanding Student Loans
    • Banking and Credit
    • Searching for Scholarships
    • Understanding Financial Aid

    We work with you to tailor a class that will meet the needs of your group.

  • B.Y.O.B. - Build Your Own Budget

    B.Y.O.B - Build Your Own Budget

    Budgeting is crucial to financial success, yet so many of us live without one.  And living without a budget actually creates more stress than living with one!  Through an interactive activity, this workshop provides step-by-step guidance to help ease the pressures of learning how to create and stick to a budget.  Students will also explore their relationship, history, and understanding of money - a key step in learning how to live on a budget to create future financial peace and freedom!

  • Everything you need to know about Credit

    Everything you need to know about Credit

    This workshop introduces students to the importance of credit, and provides the knowledge to build and maintain good credit.  In this workshop, students explore what credit is, credit scores, credit reports, and debt and credit management.  Students will be able to understand how credit is determined and how their spending habits impact their credit score.  They will also learn how to decipher credit card applications by participating in a "reading the fine print" activity.  Overall this workshop provides tips and strategies on how to build and use credit wisely.

  • Searching for Scholarships

    Searching for Scholarships 

    Is there anything better than free money?!  Yet each year, millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed.  Most people don't apply for scholarships because they don't think they'll get it, or because they don't want to write the required essay(s).  But in this workshop, we provide tips and strategies on how to navigate the scholarship search and application process, making it "easy" to apply.  Why take out a loan when you can get the money for free?  Both on-and-off campus scholarship opportunities are explored.

  • Know What You Owe: Student Loan Repayment & Post-Grad Goals

    Know What You Owe:  Student Loan Repayment & Post-Grad Goals

    For many students, and first generation college students in particular, the loan repayment process can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming.  This workshop provides a comprehensive and stress-relieving overview of the loan repayment process.  We examine loan exit requirements, knowing your loan amounts, the repayment process, and more.  Specifically, this workshop examines different repayment plans, consolidation and loan forgiveness programs provided by the federal government. In addition, the workshop will discuss post-graduation life events including entering the workforce with a salary/benefits discussion.  Now you can exhale!

Federal School Code: 001316


Build Your Financial Wellness
Build Your Financial Wellness

This one-hour Financial Wellness online training program will teach you about:

  • Smart spending habits
  • Saving and investing
  • Setting financial goals
  • Paying for college
  • Understanding credit and loans

Email for registration details.