How Much does UCR Cost

How Much Does UCR Cost?  

UCR is Ranked High for Value

2017 – 2018 Estimated Costs for Undergraduates

Living Situation

With Parents

Residence Halls/
Glen Mor

Campus Apartments

Off Campus

Tuition and Fees*



$15,675 $15,675

Room and Board















Personal Expenses










*University Health Insurance Program (USHIP)= $1,757.75: Undergraduate fees including USHIP= $15,674.99; fees if USHIP is waived= $13,917.24 

Undergraduate Nonresident Tuition and Fees: $43,689 ($15,675 Tuition and Fees + $28,014 Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition)

*You can also view local housing cost information on the UCR Off-Campus Housing webpage.  Keep in mind local averages are not used to determine student budget costs. 

These tuition, fees and charges are estimates based on currently approved amounts. These figures may not be final. Actual tuition, fees and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by State funding reductions. Accordingly, final approved levels (and a student’s final balance due) may differ from the amounts shown.

Your Actual Cost May be Less

UCR uses average student expenses to estimate the cost of attendance above. Your actual costs may vary from those outlined here depending on your living situation, school supplies, whether or not you have children, personal spending habits, etc.






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