Request a Workshop

Request a Financial Aid Workshop

Financial Aid staff is available for classroom presentations, workshops, hands-on support and event sessions for the UCR campus and for the surrounding community. The Financial Aid Office offers a variety of topics including how to apply for financial aid, how to navigate the financial aid process, how to maintain aid and general financial literacy. The Financial Aid Office looks forward to assisting your event and supporting student success.
Please review the calendar before selecting the date and time of your request.

To best accommodate your request, please note the following guidelines:
  • Requests must be submitted four weeks in advance. Our office will make every attempt to accommodate your request.
  • Staff is available from 9AM to 9PM Monday-Friday and 9AM-5PM Saturday. A minimum of 20 attendees is required.
  • If requesting for a presentation, presenter will assume that suitable equipment will be available (computer, projector, screen, microphone if large group).
  • If you need multiple workshops in different time slots within one day, please submit one request for each time slot.


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