How to Stay Eligible


Types of Aid

Seven Ways to Stay Eligible for Financial Aid

You must do all seven to maintain eligibility!

Submit a FAFSA or Dream Act Application every year between October 1 and March 2.


Submit your paperwork and pay your tuition and fees on time. See all the deadlines and make plans to meet them. 
  • To “Finish in Four,” you must register for at least 15 units per quarter.
  • To get full financial aid, you must register for at least 12 units per quarter.
  • To get any financial aid, you must enroll in at least 6 units per quarter (your award amount will be reduced).


You can’t get financial aid if you are in default on a student loan or owe repayments on a grant. 

If you were in default, you must provide documentation showing that repayment arrangements have been satisfied before you can get your aid.

If the National Student Loan Data System notifies us that you are in default or owe a refund (with a deadline prior to your disbursement), we are required to reverse your funds, and it will be your responsibility to repay the funds immediately. 


See the “Holds” section in R'Web to view your holds and learn who to contact to resolve them.

Learn more about clearing holds.











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