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Segal Education Award

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit received by individuals who complete terms of national service in approved AmeriCorps programs. Upon successful completion of the service, members are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. 

UCR students can earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award through the University Eastside Community Collaborative (UECC). UECC recruits 80 college students each year to become year-long AmeriCorps members, and to mentor/tutor youths at local schools and community centers. To learn more about UECC, visit, for information about national and community service, visit


Learn more about national and community service.

Once you have successfully completed your AmeriCorps service, follow these steps to access your Segal Education Award:

  1. Log in to your AmeriCorps profile at
  2. Complete the “Exit Form.” You will receive a notification of award availability.
  3. Log back into your AmeriCorps profile at in to send the award to Financial Aid.

If you are currently enrolled, you will need to:

  1. Verify that your award request is for the correct quarter.
  2. Check your student account to verify that the payment has been received. The first half of the payment is received at the beginning of the quarter. The second half is received on the third week of the quarter.

If you are not currently enrolled, the entire award amount should be received within 4-6 weeks after Financial Aid has certified your request.


Use these tips when considering your Segal Education Award:

  • Do not anticipate using your education for the quarter immediately following your term of service. Processing takes 4-6 weeks.
  • By law, education awards are made in two or more installments.
  • Your Segal Education Award is non-transferable (except if you are over the age of 55).


If you have questions, first log in to your AmeriCorps profile to view your status. This will determine whether you should contact the National Service Hotline or Financial Aid.

Contact the National Service Hotline at (800) 942-2677 if your status says:

  • Accepted by Trust
  • Closed by Trust
  • Pending Trust Action
  • Opened by Trust Officer

 Contact Financial Aid if your status says:

  • Accepted by Institution
  • Denied by Institution
  • Pending Institution Action

Frequently Asked Questions

The Segal Education Award is available for seven years from the end of service.

There are three ways to use your award:

  1. Pay toward Federal student loans.
  2. Pay toward tuition at a Title IV Institution.
  3. Pay toward qualifying educational expenses.

Like any other grant/scholarship, your Segal Education Award is taxed the year you use it. You will receive a 1099 form documenting how much of the award you used to file with your income tax returns.

Financial Aid will certify new requests on a weekly basis.

Segal Education Award payments are sent to the university in two disbursements. The first half of the payment is scheduled for the beginning of the term for which payment was requested. The second half is scheduled for the third week of the quarter (by the add/drop deadline). Do not rely on your Segal Education Award to cover tuition/fee deadlines as the payment will likely arrive after the quarter begins.

If you intend to apply for student financial aid as well as use your education award, please note that payments from your education award, interest payments on your student loans, and the living allowance you received during your service can affect your eligibility for some student aid in the school year after the payments were made. UCR’s Financial Aid office will factor in your Segal Education Award when determining your “Cost of Attendance” (COA), including tuition, books and supplies, transportation, room and board, and other expenses.

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